Thursday, 27 August 2009

The secreet, deep inside

I look at you every day, As you pass me in the hall.
There you go once again, You and me only friends..

You call me every day, To ask how I am.
I want you to know, For you to understand.

You tell me how much you love her, That girl you dream about.
Can't you see how much it hurts me that, that girl isn't me.

You hold her in your arms, You kiss her on the cheek .
Oh how I dream, For one day that to be me.

My eyes spark, My stomach flies.
There you are, right next to me.
The words wont come out, How can that be.

To love you is so easy, I need nothing but my heart.
But to say the words "I love you", they just refuse to come out.

You and me only friends, Do you know that I wish for you to be my boyfriend.
Your in my dreams at night, Your on my mind in the day.
Your everything that I need, that I want every day.

The words just wont come out, How I feel for you deep inside.
One day I wish to tell you, the secret that's inside
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